5 secrets to embracing change in life & career

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“This is a brilliant book! Its engaging and creative structure is sure to bring out the best in any reader. It’s an ideal career and lifestyle guide that prompts any seeker of success to ask the right questions, and realize the answer within themselves. If only I could travel back in time to give this to my younger self!”

- Erwin Armovit, Musician, Spongecola

“I haven’t met anyone who has not felt the fear of facing ‘change,’ and in this book the author unselfishly shares her roller coaster triumphs and struggles. You can definitely relate, laugh at, cry for, sigh with . . . but most importantly, learn from her brutally honest personal journey which may very well be your own. It is a refreshing guide book which every individual going through change should have.”

- Simoun Ferrer, Assistant Vice-President, GMA Artist Center

“This book can help many young professionals be successful in their chosen career. Some young professionals today depend on what they see and hear on the internet but not all of those things are true. This book will tell you how to be able to market yourself properly and how to balance your finances etc. It will really help you a lot especially if you are new in the workplace. This book will teach or give you an idea on how you can become effective in your work.”

- Japoy Lizardo, Taekwondo Coach/Entrepreneur 2005 & 2011 SEA Games Gold Medalist

“Since the first time I met Doreen, it isn’t hard to tell that she’s one highly driven and positive person. And this shows in her book. She talks about very relatable personal and professional struggles, and offers practical and definitely inspiring ways of coping.”

- Nathalie Adele Tomada, Assistant Editor (for Entertainment) Philippine Star

“Reading Ms. Cooper’s guide to adulting makes me wish I could send a copy of it back in time to my 21 year old self. Her incisive and pragmatic career advice, and the life lessons she shares, offer valuable encouragement for folks in the early and often intimidating stages of their careers.”

- Tony Velasquez, News Anchor/Program Producer ABS-CBN News Channel

“I read somewhere that the word ‘Adult’ is a verb not a noun. Just because you don’t feel like an adult doesn’t mean you can’t act like one. I am glad that Doreen Cooper wrote this succinct and useful book. It is straightforward and practical. Following these 5 simple steps will help millennials change other people’s perception of them as entitled and self-absorbed. I actually believe that millennials are more purpose-driven compared to other generations. The millennials I know are not aimless man-child caricatures. They don’t spend the bulk of their time Instagramming brunch entrees. They, like every generation, sometimes struggle and sometimes succeed in the complicated process of becoming an adult. Coming of age is tough. But here’s a handy manual for millennials on the move.”

- Boris Joaquin President & Chief Equipping Officer, Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc.

“Doreen Cooper provides an insider’s view on what it takes for fresh grads to survive in today’s real world, which is far different from the world I knew back when I finished college in 1998. It was refreshing to hear what inspired her to pursue her passions, and how she’s now a successful Motivational Speaker helping out others who are about to embark on the same journey. As a mother of a 17 year-old who’s in his senior year of high school, I found this book helpful for me to be able understand what goes through the mind of a person from a younger generation, and how I can equip my son with the proper tools to face the future with an open and optimistic mind.”

- Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon, Unilever Philippines Beauty Expert

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event hosting

My public speaking journey began when I started hosting events for my school at 13 years of age.

Now, my audience has gotten much more diverse:

From social events such as weddings to corporate and other formal events, it has been an honor being part of special occasions which are filled with meaning and beautiful memories for others.

workshop facilitation

I've been facilitating workshops in both the Philippines and overseas, for almost a decade.

Here are a few topics I cover, but more importantly; please feel free to inquire at doreencooper.ph@gmail.com if there's another topic you want me to work on for you!


Level 1: The Basics

Personal Branding

What is personal branding?

What is my personal brand?

We'll answer these, and more as we get in touch with what image you’re already projecting, then refine it to something that you want!

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Level 2: Interpersonals

How to be Employable

Every year, millions of people go jobhunting.

They have different backgrounds, different skill sets, and want to go down different career paths.

How do you stand out?

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Level 2: Interpersonals

The Biggest Sale

Many things depend on our social skills.

Life is actually a lot like high school - and how we deal with others!

Results matter, but how we 'sell' ourselves is a huge part of how we get there - and that's exactly what we'll help you work on.

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Level 3: All About Skills

Communication Effectiveness

Did you know that the more successful you become, the more you need higher level communication, problem solving and people skills?

So let's help you stand out. After all, the power to be a compelling conversationalist and communicator is desired by many, yet elusive to most.

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Level 3: All About Skills

Two Ears, One Mouth

How well do you listen?

Listening is a skill and may be developed through practice and awareness.

The goal of this session is to practice those skills and discover what keeps you from listening more effectively.

As a bonus, you'll learn to ask powerful questions to support your listening skills.


Level 3: All About Skills

Cross-Cultural Communication

Are you on Facebook? Have you traveled? Do you know at least one person of a different nationality?

Chances are, you said yes to at least one of my questions. With the world becoming one global village, we need to develop skills in dealing with cultures other than our own, and this session will equip you with the know-how to do just that.

Level 3: All About Skills

Public Speaking

Fact: Did you know that speaking well is one of the sought-after skills in professionals? 

Go from good to great: Move others to action; inspire change; and create opportunities for yourself! 

Level 3: All About Skills

Leading Through Conflict

Ah, conflict. We encounter it everyday and yet most of us don’t like it.

Then again, why would we? It affects our health and keeps us up at night. On the flip side though, can keep us on our toes, put us in problem solving mode, and bring out great things in us which we never knew existed.

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