Many of us dream of becoming successful.

Are you putting in the necessary work to be so?

Some of us get people’s attention from the get-go, while others toil quietly away.

Whichever path you might be on, many of us need the following things to go further in life and in our careers:


We are often thrown into situations we don’t expect to be in.

From greater demands and changes in direction to temporary setbacks, so many situations in life require us to be able to adapt, and be flexible.

Flexibility allows us to adjust well, and it enables us to do things even when they weren’t in our original plan.

It also helps us to broaden our skill set and build bridges with others - especially with those whom we didn’t expect to be in those unexpected circumstances.


In the recent years, a book has come out on grit and how this characteristic helps make people successful.

Grit, as a characteristic keeps us standing when we life tries to knock us down.

It also helps us get on our feet - or our knees - whatever is required for us to succeed in situations.

It drives us, keeps us focused, and reminds us that we are able.

Grit doesn’t just keep us going, it also gives us the courage to do so.


A huge ego is one of the greatest things which can keep us from success.

It makes us neglect or take others for granted as it wants us to highlight ourselves.

In contrast, humility helps us work more effectively with others and positively influence their lives.

It also enables us to do things which we wouldn’t be willing to with a huge, inflated ego.

Humility allows us to understand the needs of those around us and respond to them.

At the end of the day, there are many things we need to build a successful and sustainable career.

I strongly believe though, practicing these three qualities will allow us to go further than if we were just to build on our knowledge and technical skills!

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(Photo from GoRaydar)