I love traveling and have met a lot of people who do, too.

A huge part of the experience are the people we come across on our trip, and it's only respectful to not just make the most out of our own trips, but to be mindful of others as well.

Make travel a more pleasant experience for both you and the next person with these tips:

1. Don't make too much noise. Some local cultures are sensitive to sound and dislike loud tourists. It's better to be on the respectful side.

2. Check for CLAYGO. Known as an abbreviation for Clean-As-You-Go, we can't always assume that there are people around to clean up after our mess. Exercise mindfulness by observing others' behavior (sometimes it's an unspoken rule) and keeping an eye out for CLAYGO signs.

3. Do your own lining up. We've all seen it before. The sacrificial placeholder holding the line for their companions which range from one person to a whole pack of tourists. We've also all experienced getting annoyed with those who do this. So please don't follow suit.

4. Turn the backpack into a frontpack. Crowded areas attract a lot of thieves. Make it a bit more challenging for them to steal from you by keeping handbags low (it's easier to do pickpocketing when it's on easily accessible arm-level) and putting backpacks in front.

5. Don't inconvenience others with your selfies. Doorways, walkways, public areas - name it, and it's probably been used as a setting for a photo. Instead, be mindful of the dynamics of a place and ask yourself questions like: 'Am I allowed to take a photo here?', 'Should I walk to the side before taking a photo?', and 'Will I inconvenience anyone when I snap a picture?'. If you do go for that snapshot, take one, take two; but not tons just to have the most IG-perfect angle.

Remember, the world may be a playground, but it's meant to be a shared space with others. Treat it, and others well!

Enjoy your next trip!

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(Photo from Unsplash)