We all have different sets of values - things which are important to us.

Independence has always been a priority to me, and I've recently been reflecting on how I feel more independent when I earn, and how I question myself and my capabilities when I don't.

The latter part is, of course, wrong.

But I also discovered that it wasn't just me who felt that way, and other people did too, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

Not earning at times doesn't make me any less of a person.

Reality is, that it also happens more often when you're an entrepreneur like me - that sometimes, for whatever reason, money doesn't come rolling in.

Although my income has increased over the years, there is, for example, one month this 2018 when I didn't earn anything.

And it's not like the expenses stop when you stop earning.

You still eat, you still need to occasionally go out, you still need to buy groceries... the list goes on and on.

To make matters worse, this happened during a time I had MAJOR expenses: I needed to pay for printing and launching my book; making my usual expenditures blow up into six figure digits.

It was a long and painful journey until I one day realized that whether or not I earned that month and the succeeding ones, I was still myself - someone loved and treasured by many.

I was still the person my family had raised, and the person who had gone through various life experiences.

I was also still the person who had served others through my work, and provided support to different friends I've made.

I was still a combination of all the successes and failures; joys and disappointments I had so far lived through.

Simply put, a dip in my earnings did not mean that my worth as a person had gone down too.

In the eyes of those to whom I mattered, I was still priceless.

We sometimes go through rough patches in life - some worse than others - but nothing can ever make us any less worth than what we truly are.

It just so happens that we, at times, make the conscious decision to not be very kind to, or value ourselves much.

But no one anywhere is every exactly like you.

No one has your personality, dreams, goals, and experiences rolled into the exact package that you are.

And that makes you incomparable. That makes you special. And that, makes you, unique.

You're priceless. Nothing anyone can ever say or do can ever change that.

So why do you sometimes treat yourself less than that?

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