Have you ever been disappointed in yourself?

So disappointed that you ended up blaming yourself for an unfortunate incident or experience?

There are times when we let ourselves down for a variety of reasons. And the truth is, it hurts.

But it doesn’t help to give ourselves a hard time.

I can be really hard on myself too.

But part of having a better body image is loving and accepting ourselves for who we are.

It’s good to aspire to improve ourselves, but for us to truly love ourselves, we must:

  1. Speak our Truth. See ourselves for who and what we really are. Be realistic with the person we are and see exactly what is in our reflection - the good, the bad, the ugly. It is, what is is. It is what we are. And that’s what makes it true.

  2. Learn to Accept that person. It has to start with ourselves. Accepting that everyone has beauty and flaws. Realizing that what we are matters. And who we are can make a dent in the footprint of mankind by starting with our circles of influence. That’s how special each and every person is.

  3. Have Faith that we can continue to love, accept, and improve ourselves. That we can be bigger than ourselves when we choose to be part of something bigger - such as being of service to others.

You are special. You are loved. And what’s most important is that you choose to love yourself, too.

Doreen 1 Sign.png

(Photo from GoRaydar)