The Philippines only has two seasons - wet and dry; and yet it doesn't matter that we don't have Winter and Spring. Four-season fashion is celebrated by what is made available in stores and what is seen on the pages of our magazines!

Here's an overview of my favorite articles in some of the most popular Philippine fashion magazines this September!

Earliest Available: Metro and Mega. One's got to appreciate Metro's consistency in being available at the beginning of the month. It's fantastic that Mega was able to make the magazine available sooner. It was quite a vision seeing two red hot covers sit side-by-side at the start of September!

Fave Cover: Metro. Cover star Erich Gonzales' styling was divine. In fact, I found it so hard choosing between the two covers to buy since they were both gorgeous in completely different ways!

Fave Articles:



1. 'The Art of War: The Upside of Competition' on p. 62

I strongly believe each and every one of us has a competitive streak, and it just varies in terms of the degree of competitiveness! This article gives practical advice on what is healthy competition (i.e. going back to your intentions and making it about reaching your personal best). Sound advice which is definitely worth the read!

2. 'What you can Learn from your Male Coworkers' on p. 84

For a while now, I've been observing the differences in male and female characteristics and the workplace and also studying what characteristics help someone get ahead. This write-up is all about that - and more. It talks about what characteristics connected with femininity you should embrace, and what you can pick up from men in the work environment.

3. 'Are you $oul mates' on p. 86

Work and financial articles are two things I look forward to reading every month, and this money-related feature is no exception. Money can be a touchy subject in relationships, and this write-up sheds light on what you really need to look at and consider about the role finance plays when a significant other enters the picture which is your life.

Price: PhP125 (about $2.5). Came with the Cosmomen insert.



1. 'Best Buys' on p. 40

Want to update your wardrobe with minor tweaking? Then this is the article for you! Not only do you find out what the latest trends are, you're also given suggestions of where you can buy hot pieces to keep your style on point!

2. 'Stylephile' on p. 62

Mega features Katrina Razon's life and style - a true icon of her millenial generation, and from whom there is much to learn!

3. 'It's Back' on p. 104

A cable TV and movie entertainment guide (complete with plot overview or trivia) which will get you block your calendars.

4. 'Mega Millenial Ball' on p. 230

Beautiful faces and image of style stars from the local entertainment circuit are caught in images which are sure to fire up fashion inspiration for all readers of this magazine!

Price: PhP250 (around $5). Came with Mega Man insert.



1. The Tony Girl Gang' on p. 30

I love it when fashion magazines break down what it means to look trendy now. It makes an article relatable and helps you build your wardrobe and update your style. This does the job well!

2. 'Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Report' on p. 52

An absolute feast for the senses! Stunning photos transport readers to a front row seat in the latest fashion shows to embark an adventure of discovery and look runway ready!

3. 'Single Girl in New York City' on p. 64

Possibly one of my favorite cover stories in huge part because of the stunning styling and photos. Erich Gonzales, along with the Metro team, definitely hit the ball out of the park with this feature!

Price: PhP150 (around $3).



1. 'Fashion is Change' on Chapter 2

Preview's take on what's in now from head to toe is presented in easy-to-digest, bite-size pieces!

2. 'Fashion is Power' on Chapter 4

Across, the board, this has got to be one of my favorite magazine features. The magazine dissects how some of the most successful figures in the international fashion landscape dress, and give suggestions how to cop their looks. Truly a dress-for-success article!

Price: PhP150 (about $3)

Which feature is your favorite and why? Tell me in the comments below!

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