Netflix's American drama 'Madam Secretary' is a test on my self-discipline.

Equal parts gripping and thought-provoking; the show gets you rooting for Tea Leone's Elizabeth McCord who is both imperfect and amazing.

It's also refreshing to see traditional family values shown on a show as big as this one, and fascinating to have it centered on a woman in a power position.

Here's a quick rundown on some of the life & career lessons I've picked up from this awesome show!

1. Country comes first. Dedication to the country is a central value in this show. It's not devotion to a single figure or leader, but rather duty to what is best for the nation.


2. Keep family intact. Possibly one of the most important units of our being, supporting and being part of a group of people we can refer to as family is extremely important to our character and well-being.

3. Empathy goes a long way. Whatever job you take on, it can't all be logic all the way. In fact, the role of empathy may just be an undervalued character trait that will bring you far in your career. It makes you human - and we are dealing with humans most of the time, after all.


4. You've got to surround yourself with a great team. In the show, the Secretary of State makes sure she's surrounded by a loyal and dedicated team - a lesson we can all learn from. After all, we are sometimes just as good as the people we surround ourselves with.

5. A good plan takes you far, but always make room for the unexpected. The twists and turns of daily life make an even better show that fiction, at times. And just as Tea Leone's Secretary of State character shows, she may have a full schedule, yet there are always surprises around the bend which she deals with with grace and strength of character.

I loved this show and so many of the values it emulates! Which career lesson is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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