Never underestimate the power of a great maniped.

There's something empowering about knowing your fingers and toes are well-groomed and looking awesome!

I only paint my nails once a month to give them some breathing space and so I take choosing my color-of-the-month seriously.

I keep the color on for two weeks, and if I'm going to be living with that hue for two weeks of my life before awaiting the next one in a month's time, I'm going to make sure I choose what I find nicest!

I always consider both my upcoming appointments and what's 'in' as I make the selection.

And so after some trips to the nail salon in the past months, here are my current go-to nail varnishes:

1. Chanel Organdi: It's described as a pale pink, but it comes across as a beautiful light nude when you put it on. It's perfect as an everyday shade and it's totally the type I can wear to client meetings and when I facilitate training sessions. It's like your bare nails, but better!

2. Chanel Eastern Lights: An 'in' shade this year, white nail polish takes me on a trip down memory lane when my grade school classmates and I painted our nails white with correction fluid. Haha! This polish is a classier take on those experimental grade school days: It comes with a faint shimmer which makes it look brighter, and in classic Chanel Le Vernis style stays on longer than most nail color brands.

3. Dior Rouge: I consider this my perfect shade of red. It's so beautiful, you may not mind as much that it doesn't stay as long as Chanel or OPI before it chips from my fingernails. It lasts up to two weeks on my toes. That rich hue is a classic and makes your fingers look like they're worth millions!

What shades have recently been your go-to? Share in the comments below!

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(Featured photo from Shutterstock)