I believe that by educating young professionals, they can access unlimited options and be on equal footing with the world's best.

Hi! I’m Doreen. I’m a professional speaker who vlogs, blogs, and facilitates workshops.

Before I became a freelancer, I worked at one of the top multinational organizations in the world, and in the time I spent there had the privilege of serving in two different roles: as a human resource practitioner, and later, as a learning facilitator for the Asia Pacific region.

As a freelancer, I continue to work with organizational leaders and decision makers.

Although I’ve had successes, I’ve also made mistakes and encountered misfortunes along the way, which I’ve had the opportunities to learn from.

Now, what can you expect from me?

i provide live talks, live training, and online content to help you find greater success in life and work; by gaining confidence, having stronger interpersonal skills, and communicating with impact. this is a safe space for young professionals who are building their careers.

And yes, we're going to have fun along the way! 

I’m excited to be with you on this journey!